Lesson 9.1

Asanas – balance

of body and mind

Getting acquainted with the physical part of yoga which contributes to the control of emotions and deep concentration — ASANAS — is the third level of classical yoga.

In Sanskrit the definition of asana is: «Sthira sukham asanam» —
«steady and easy posture – that is the asana». Asana puts the body and mind in state of calm and happiness.

Asanas help control the mind, emotions and desires. If you can concentrate and direct all your inner life force into a peaceful direction - you can achieve great results.

First of all an emotion arises in the mind.
Then the glands secrete hormones and you experience emotions.
But if the nervous and hormonal systems are not included in the process, you will not feel this emotion.

Due to the habit of negative thinking, imperfect lifestyle, unhealthy diet and bad habits, the glands work in an unbalanced way. They secrete more or less hormones than required. Therefore the psyche is in a state of imbalance.

You can influence glands and hormones by performing yoga exercises. There are about 50,000 such yoga exercises - asanas.
You take a certain body position in which the effect on the gland occurs: pressure, stretching, twisting, and in a certain way the meridians ("nadi" channels) line up along which the vital energy flows.

Such a pose generates a certain state of mind, radiates a special energy and creates the necessary impact.

Asanas are neither sport nor competition. You do not set yourself standards but look for a right balance between relaxation and tension. You stretch yourself a little but do not cross the line of discomfort. The main result in asanas is achieved by relaxing the body and mind. When you learn to relax, asanas very easily begin to work out.
  • glands,

  • nerves,

  • life winds,

  • the flow of vital energy within the body,

  • muscles,

  • tendons,

  • bone structure,

  • chakras - centres of body energy,

  • they increase mental sharpness, emotions become easier,

  • they restore the blood circulation in the body, and with all this the balance and health of the internal organs and glands is recovered.

Glands are the government of our body. Hormonal background determines the general condition of the organism. Asana practice is a very effective way to change the hormonal background.
  • Diirgha pranam (long bowing pose)

  • Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

  • Yoga Mudra (gesture of unity)

  • no contraindications;

  • suitable for most people;

  • no dietary restrictions;

  • no breathing restrictions;

  • have comprehensive benefits, contribute to the overall health of the body;

  • have a general balancing effect on the psyche;

  • take 10-15 minutes of your time.

Do three basic asanas 1-2 times per day.

It is ideal to perform asanas 2 times a day.

In this case it is easy to keep the mind in a steady state and easier to meditate.


  • How to keep your mind elevated?

  • Micro-meditation in everyday life.

  • Spirituality in everyday life.
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