Online programs.
Yoga, meditation, self-development

since 2020

Daily free online programs, which help to be together,
despite the distance.
These programs were for subscribers of the project "Meditation Steps".
5–8 events a day gathered from 50 to 400 participants.

After an online month for the Russian-speaking audience, we ran a week of online programs for English-speaking subscribers.

You can participate in the programs from anywhere in the world without leaving your home.
It helps you continue your practice, to keep learning and just be in a positive, sattvic company.

Thanks to the online format, we were able to gather the most interesting representatives of the project, professionals from various fields, who could share their knowledge and skills with our subscribers.

And also for those in cities where there were no offline programs before, they were able to join the practices, have training and communication.
With the beginning of self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, our offline programs (retreats, collective meditations) have stopped.

In order to continue communication and maintain a comfortable psychological state in this unusual situation, we offered online programs: meditations, yoga classes, lectures and master classes. All events of the online month were free.

What is this project?
For whom?
What is the benefit?
Dynamism - a walk up the stairs: spiritually, intellectually and in all spheres of life. Dynamism is moving towards greater intelligence. The seeds of dynamism are sown with intense meditation. On the internal level, you are putting the "firecracker" in the rocks of passivity(lethargy). Go deeper into yourself, even more deeper, put a more powerful charge, let it explode!

Dada Sadananda

How does this project affect people and the world?
It was a month of warm, sincere communication with the subscribers of the "Meditationsteps" project on a variety of topics. Everyone could improve their discipline in practice, broaden their horizons and learn something new . All this was combined with their work at home during self-isolation. The audience was grateful for the opportunity to be together in a difficult situation. They noticed the progress in the practice of yoga and meditation.

The online month changed each participant's mind. They have realized that it is very important to be together, take care of each other, and communicate in a positive way. The world changes when people change.
What difficulties we are overcome?
First of all that is organizational problems. Online programs are not only the broadcasts themselves, that is also announcements and posts, recordings and notifications, 24 hours' moderation of broadcasts and channels on Telegram. Before that we had never done online broadcasts in such quantity and quality. In the shortest time, it was necessary to create a plan of the program, select experts, unite content managers, designers, moderators, and make everything work smoothly.

Many programs were conducted by the main team members and they were doing these programs at the same time with their usual duties in the project.
Who takes care of the project
Olga Zhaglina
Yulia Semenikhina
Zhenya Andreeva
Dada Ragamayananda
Nikita Klishin
Didi Ananda Sainjana
Dada Sadananda
Anfisa Kuklina
Ilya Igumnov
Because of self-isolation it was needed to try different online formats. We found that such programs are in demand and quite effective. Now we regularly conduct online collective meditations and continue to developing this format more. We are doing lectures, master classes, satsangs, training and marathons.

The second direction that seems important for us are online retreats. Now the demand for our offline retreats is very high. Usually, registration closes 1–2 days in advance, and there are still many applicants who could not get to the program. Online Retreat is a good opportunity to participate in the flow of intense practice and learn from leading speakers of the project and connect with more people, regardless of geography, and economic opportunities.
Plans for the future

If you are inspired by the idea to change the world and people
we can do this together!

Be a part of the Big team of «Meditationsteps»

Big team is:
Closed Telegram channel: we are sharing ideas, helping and testing products.

Live streams with Dada Sadananda every week. Online meditation sessions and inspiration for the Big Team.

We are uniting to develop the "Meditationsteps" project with a team of like-minded people.
Meetings with the main team of " Meditationsteps": discussing work, planning, dreaming.
Guys I'm with you, what to do?
Even if you have only 5-10 free minutes a day that you want to devote to the "Meditationsteps" project, together we can do a lot!
You can also subscribe for regular financial support. Each and every contribution matters, regardless of size.
Choose any option of participation and join the community of the Big Team "Meditationsteps" with all its opportunities.
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