Big team | podcast # 1

What we talked about with Dada Sadananda at the meeting of the Big Team on May 29, 2021
At Saturday meetings with Dada Sadananda of the Big Team, we meditate together, discuss the work and make Big plans) Dada also replied to many questions from the team.

These are the podcasts from this meeting. The highlights of it are in short 3-5 minute audio clips.
All questions in one track
This is convenient if you want to listen all questions at once. If you want to find a separate question of interest then scroll down below, there is a section with short podcasts.
The list of Podcasts # 1
The balance between thoughts and feelings

If you like what we are doing and you would like to help us, join the Big Team of "Meditation Steps"
Answers to questions from participants
Russian fairy tale that inspires Dada

Is listening the Kiirtan enough?
From where to get spiritual energy?
Is it possible for everyone on this planet to feel connected?
How does one notice when the kundalini is awakened?
How would I know I am going on right path of meditation?
Сan accidents be accidental or it is bad karma?
How do you deal with your worldly success with your Russian channel in regards of spirituality?
During meditation I had spasms in my chest. What is that?
How can we help friends who suffer from depression and doubts?
After 18 minutes my right leg gets numb. What to do?
Song that inspire to do meditation. Tumi Kotay

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