What is a Big Team of Meditation Steps?

This is a high concentration of the forces of good))
Everything that our world is - comes from people, their thoughts, ideas and qualities. To change things that we do not like in the world like anger, aggression, violence, injustice - we need to change the people. The "Meditationsteps" project tries to influence the way of thinking of every person, turn it towards good and thereby to change the world.

Therefore, as our mission we see movement

through the expansion of everyone's consciousness - to the brilliant future of humanity.

through the expansion of everyone's consciousness - to the brilliant future of humanity.
With the help of yoga and meditation practices taught by the "Meditationsteps" project, each practitioner discovers in himself/herself the great that is hidden behind the daily hustle and bustle.

If you like what we are doing, join the Big Team
What are the members of the Big Team doing?
First, they help to develop projects by investing time and effort.
They are volunteers.
They do subtitles, work with text, draw illustrations, help to organize events and marathons, help out with video editing, work in the support service and just do things big and small, but always important.

The project will find work for all volunteers, do not hesitate.

Second, they support projects with finances.
These are sponsors.
Whether they are big or small, donations allow the project to grow, become better, more convenient, more useful. Thanks to them we can develop the mobile application, YouTube channel, online programs and marathons with free participation and enable all other ideas to come into reality.

You can choose one option: either to work as a volunteer, or to sign up for monthly support.
Opportunities of the Big Team
"Meditationsteps" is a non-profit organization. All that we can give to our helpers as a sign of gratitude is our care and attention.

For this, we have created a closed Telegram channel of the Meditationsteps Big Team.

The channel publishes:
  • Links to Dada Sadananda's weekly live streams for the Big Team: online meditations, answers to your questions, inspiration and humor :)
  • Information about the work done, plans for the future.
  • Tasks: what help is needed right now / this week / constantly. For example, draw an illustration, do repost, test a new feature in an app or marathon.
  • Brainstorming sessions with the main team of " Meditationsteps": coming up with something new, deciding how to improve the project
  • All news of projects in the first place.
Join the Big Team of the project "Meditationsteps"!
For any questions please contact customer support through the Telegram-bot or contact us by Email sbigteam45@gmail.com
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