Lesson 8


using numbers

Concentration is the key element in meditation.

Concentration activates the highest possibilities of a mind.

Remember, concentration depends on two factors:

  1. awareness,

  2. will abilities
Using counting in meditation is a new method in a practice, which improves both awareness and will.

Practice meditation as it is described in the first lesson. However, as you repeat the mantra, you set up a goal. For example,
repeat mantra five times in a row without being distracted even once.

If some external thought as you are repeating it distracts your mind, the score is set to zero and you start all over again.

In every attempt, you try to do better than it was before.

When your mind gets distracted again and again, you get the intention to concentrate with everything you can. While the body is relaxed, you are looking for the state of a total composure and tranquillity inside your mind. And when you achieve success, your body emits hormones of happiness. As you aspire to calm down a whole mass of waves and micro-movements in the mind, it captures you and meditation gets interesting.

Reflect if you were concentrated on the mantra's sound and its idea? Were there parallel thoughts occurring?

It is possible to set up different meditation standards based on the level of concentration, whether it is low or high. Nevertheless, it is always better to find an optimal balance.

When your day starts with concentration and meditation, you can solve tasks efficiently during the day, since you are not distracted from the goals.

1. Pronounce mantra at least five times without interrupting during the meditation. Use this method for two weeks.

2. Train yourself in ideal concentration.


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