Lesson 10


You have reached the final lesson of the course, my deep respect to you!

If you continue the practice, you will radiate very good energy. When we continue to practice, we change ourselves —
we improve our energy and thoughts, — this has a huge impact on the entire space around. This way we will build a very good world, a very good society.

Meditation raises the mind to a certain height when you feel good. But when there is no habit of positive thinking, the mind decreases again during the day. Try to
keep the mind always on top, have inspiration, inner strength, no complexes and a sense of inner joy and magic.
1) Practice meditation twice a day, without compromise, even if it is a short meditation for five minutes.

In the morning - when you meditate, you touch the deep inner consciousness and charge for the day ahead.

In the evening - you renew yourself, purify and bring favorable energy to the family.

2) A new good practice:
micro-meditation in everyday life.

Any action, any decision, any thought colors your mind. Therefore, from time to time, reboot yourself, to return to a balanced state: close your eyes for a few seconds and repeat the mantra. You don't have to close your eyes. But fill the mind with the idea of unity, the idea that your actions come from joy. And return to this state of love and joy throughout the day.

Keep the idea that,
everything that surrounds you is a manifestation of the Supreme everything and, remembering this, interact with the world around you. This is called spirituality in everyday life.

1) Practice meditation twice a day, without compromise, even if it is a short meditation of five minutes.

2) In everyday life, reboot every 15-30 minutes - do micro-meditation for 1-5 seconds, remember the meditation state and then continue your work.
Review this Basic Meditation Course periodically to re-gain inspiration. As you practice, the depth of your perception increases, another "toolbox" of cognition appears, respectively, you can discover new nuances of practice.

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